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Train depot in Eskilstuna

The train depot in Eskilstuna is a service facility for the regional train traffic in Mälardalen. This is where the Mälaren trains are serviced and maintained.

Eskilstuna municipality has built a modern workshop depot where all our trains are maintained.  It is built at the Gredby railway yard and has a direct connection to all tracks and platforms at Eskilstuna Central Station. The depot is leased by Mälardalstrafik, which in turn has leased it to Transdev, which is responsible for the maintenance of the trains.

The depot has a large workshop, a multi-purpose hall and special outdoor tracks where trains are cleaned every day. The facility is specially adapted for the most efficient handling of the vehicles. For example, trains can enter and leave the depot from both directions, reducing the risk of disruption.

All the maintenance and scheduled servicing takes place in the 220-metre-long workshop, which can accommodate two trains in succession. This includes, for example, replacing broken wheel pairs, pantographs, roof modules, front windows, doors, etc. In the multifunctional hall, for example, washing, cleaning and de-icing is done in an environmentally friendly manner.

Depån i Gredby

There is also a central spare parts warehouse for Mälartåg to ensure high and rapid availability when damage occurs and parts need to be replaced.

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