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About our trains

Mälartåg has been designed to suit the commuter and other regional train travellers. The double-decker trains are designed for high comfort and convenience whether you use the journey for work or leisure.

In order to offer a comprehensive and attractive regional train service, the regions of Stockholm-Mälaren have invested in 45 modern double-deck trains that operate on the Mälaren lines. In total, the Mälartåg fleet consists of 62 trains. 

Mälartåg double-decker ER1

Purchase of the 53 modern double-deckers has cost more than SEK 5 billion, or just over SEK 100 million per train.

First trains entered service on 15 December 2019 and trains in the first order were delivered in 2019 and 2020. In June 2020, another 12 of the same type were ordered, which were commissioned in autumn-winter 2021/22. On June 12 8 additionel double-deckers from UL was included in the train fleet.


The double-decker trains are designed to suit commuters. The trains are air-conditioned and have sound-absorbing and non-slip carpets. Each train set is equipped with 333 seats and 24 folding chairs, for a total of 357 seats. There are adjustable work desks, Wi-Fi access, reading lights and electrical outlets. 

The trains can also accommodate six bikes on each train set, and they can easily be attached to wall holders for safe and secure travel with your bike. Each train also has toilets and space for larger luggage.

All entrance doors are level with the platform and the trains meet the latest accessibility requirements.


Train designation: ER1
Manufacturer: Stadler in Switzerland
Top speed: 200 km/h. 
Total length over the supporting surfaces: 104.81 metres
Body width: 292 cm
Maximum axle load: 20.9 tonnes
Empty weight: 232 tonnes 
Seating: 333 
Pole spacing: 85 cm

Mälartåg smaller regional trains

Nine regional trains of the Regina model are part of the Mälartåg fleet and run mainly on the Linköping - Katrineholm - Eskilstuna - Västerås - Sala line. 

These trains are from the early 2000s and have a top speed of 200km/h. The trains have 170-195 seats and 19-29 folding chairs. On board there is toilet and Wi-Fi.